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Stephanie Myers
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Its not cheating if he kicks you out.. BEFORE he cheats on you..

He invites me over to clean so he can keep his paychecks..lies about a house inspection..again
His brother comes home with three different alchohol shooters 100 proof.

.. cleaning the table... three big round white pills come flying out of a piece of paper onto the floor..
i pick them up.. with out them noticeing...I look them up on the internet..

wonderful google my best friend always looking out..watching my back... always telling the truth never.. LIEING..

... whadya know..NOT PARANOID NOT CRAZY..

only when the girls are calling does his bro start to panick..actually got off his ass and started cleaning to look for them..never moving from the couch in has alot of spunk EH. these people are so pathetic..

Ill let you draw your own conclusions for a minute..what do you think..

... Moral compass..  pointed to Flush it all laugh in thier face on how they couldnt get a girl with out drugging them. and take a whooping..
.. or give it back when they refuse to expalin them selves..and it is what it is?

of course ill get my ass kicked here in a few minutes anyway right .. and kicked out.. anyway cause its no fun now that i know and have control of the party favors...

they were planning a mass date rape as far as im glad i wasnt invited..Strippers are dirty dont you ever believe other wise..your life WILL get fucked up royally...

IM so proud of myself that i did the hard thing and sent my baby boy away from all this.. glad my son wont be learning these behaviors from you and your fiends..oh i mean friends.. 

stripper moms are the the scum of the earth i swear. home wreckers..loose bitches pill popping homie hoppers cost me everything so many times over.... whore prostitute trying to be sister wifes to all men..watching eachothers babies while they all get fucked up...real nice.

And they said I would be a bad mom.

I am still so angry I wish I could forget ABOUT YOU and your drama..

I wish I could forget that your Entourage fantacy cost me all... and any happiness i will ever feel. I hope YOUR new car and couches and big screen tv and endless xbox makes you happy.

I hope poppin pills.. boozing haveing a different cocaine stripper every time.. and weed

Hope it helps you live with your self.

WE had one chance to get it right and you stayed your anger and childish fantasies.. you refused to let it go.refused to sever your self from the people that were adding to your stress.. you hit me over and over. Sometimes for the most stupid shit i have ever heard of or seen ever..

i closed the bedroom door cause you were sick and needed dark quiet..for some fucked up reason ten seconds later you came out yelling and screamming and putting hands on me..WHY?..I went from feeling sorry that you were sick to wishing i had left your ass to suffer there.

With NO ICE WATER OR HEATING PAD OR LOADED PIPE BY YOUR BED.YOU dont deserve dont even deserve the half ass me anymore.

And you want me to believe that that was all me..and what i did to you..


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WickedWitchWorking Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hello! Thank you a lot for faving my work! :D (Big Grin)

Also, I hope you'll visit my facebook page :…;
(Unforenatelly it's quite unpopular for now :c)
I'd be really honored if you did.

Take care and have a nice day! :) (Smile)
M-I-R-I-E-L Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2014
A belated thank you for the fave! :)
jyukon1313 Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for adding Fire flies to your favs
Lupek20 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank You for the fav
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