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The horror stories you hear about them are true! Beware!

If any of this sound familiar get a REAL LAWYER!

Keep records of everything! take photos save texts emails and call logs X RAYS keep a journal whatever you gotta do!
Request a new case manager the minute you start having problems cause if you don't it will snow ball into this ridiculousness and after you get so far into the case plan they wont LET you switch and your stuck with a case manager with a case load three times her limit and you WILL fall through the cracks!

They make you sign paper work after they dose you with morphine right after you give birth?  who says your in the right mind to make coherent decisions?  Are you of sound mind and body when they push that decision on you?..Is that fair? Is that legal?... these are things you need to be aware of...all the while telling you that its just paper work it doesn't mean anything and you'll get you baby back in a few months DONT BELIEVE THEM!

They manipulate and lose your paper work make you do your classes twice and call me the liar? Say that I am willfully refusing to do my case plan and wont look at the evidence that it was incompetence of other case managers involved in your case plan not doing their job..They attack your mental health and suggest you get medications they already know makes it worse just so they have good reason to keep your child. Got the all clear from the phyce doctors. When they couldn't get me on that they started attacking dad about his cigarette smoking habit and over night the baby developed asthma? Conveniently after a cft meeting just in time for court.

 I think that's way to fucked up to even believe that they would do such a thing? These people are messed up.

If they had no intention on giving him back in the first place why did they string us along and give us false hope and this heart wrenching aggravation for two years! I wonder if I can sue for pain and suffering?

Almost two years later they are moving towards severance and adoption. Saying that the severance paper work doesn't mean anything!  Just a legal process you have to sign it or be in contempt of court? Forcing me to sign him away a second time made me extremely pissed off.

I am HURT and ANGRY.They took my miracle baby from me and refuse to give him back even after I have jumped through their stupid hoops. Been crying ever since the court hearing.

This past two years has been the hardest years I have EVER had to survive through. I'm really surprised that I had the strength to do it sober. HURRAY for me! I supose that is something right?

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DublinODonovan Mar 24, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hey, thanks for the faves! I really appreciate them!
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